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Content creation for your digital marketing needs.

Lavender Digital Media specializes in creating custom content to show the world what you're all about. We love helping people tell their story through visual mediums. Our mission is to give you the content you need to effectively advertise your organization online, or off…at any time, anywhere.


Establish your brand by creating a look, and an online home to allow people to visit you anytime, anywhere.  The first step in branding is developing a logo for your company.  This is the icon that will remind the world who you are with just one glance.  Along with this comes other designs for things such as business cards, website design, flyers, banners, signs for the office, and more.  Good branding needs great consistency, and it’s our job to maintain that.

Once your branding is in place, we begin the creation of your website.  Your website is your online home; a place where people can find you anytime, anywhere.  A good website will allow people to know all about what you do best without even meeting you first! With the proper information, we can cut out many new questions a new customer or client may have.

Convey your message with visual and auditory communication through powerful videos.  We have a great amount of experience in developing videos that will hit your target audience for any need.  Video is becoming one of the main ways to communicate your message easily to millions of people. A high-end video will be created that delivers a clear and entertaining message. We’re not talking about a cheesy infomercial here. Take a look at our video projects, and we’ll prove it!

Great marketing materials, especially websites, need amazing photos.  Our photography will show off your products and services in the best light possible.

When we look at who you are, and what you do, we approach it from a few key areas to create the best method to convey your message. Our passion is to create company brands, design amazing websites, and use the power of video production to develop custom content that is useable in thousands of ways.  We have experience in creating each of these for organizations and businesses. It is our belief that these steps are necessary to allow your customers, clients and donors to understand and visualize what you do.  We know that no job is too big or small for us, and keeping that principle in mind will allow us to scale to any size to meet your needs.  Not everyone needs a website, or video for their organization, so we work with you at your level.

Your business will change and grow in the future. What we do for you now, might not fully meet your needs later on. We offer continuing support for future updates. This includes anything from web updates, to promotional videos, to brochures. Customer Testimonial videos are great for adding a personal side to your brand, and can easily be put into your website. Mini-campaign websites can create a simple way to share a specific event or initiative that your business is putting into action. Sharing what matters to you on your website and social media can have a huge impact on your client base. We have plenty of other ideas to explore!

You love what you do! So why not make it easy for everyone to understand?